Book Review: ‘Breaking Dawn’

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13) Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer (YA)

I’ll do my best not to give away spoilers for this one, which means I won’t review it as fully as I might like… but I don’t want to give anything away for someone who still plans to read it. A friend loaned this to me so that I could finish the series and get some closure, and I was dreading the investment of time it appeared to need…

Well, 750 pages is significant, but it moves quickly. I think what shocked me most about this book is that… I didn’t really mind it. A quick summary: I loved the first book (read it several years ago), hated the middle two, and this one, well… it wasn’t half bad. However, I’ll admit that I knew two of the key plot points before starting the book (a newspaper article gave them away last year because they didn’t include a note saying there were spoilers in the article… I was not happy), so that may have influenced my judgment in the sense that what occurred didn’t seem quite as ridiculous as it might have to other readers.

Regardless, I honestly think Meyer took more care with this final book, to an extent. The negatives I have to say are: I never connected with the “new” character (those of you who’ve read it will know what I mean) because I don’t think this individual was fully developed (though arguably, that’s the point until the end?), and I thought what was supposed to be the climax of the whole thing was rather… well, anticlimactic. Okay, I have to do this:

I wanted a fraking battle scene! I wanted a fight, or at least a skirmish of some sort! I think Meyer copped out on that one, perhaps out of cowardice for killing characters off, or maybe she just isn’t experienced enough to do so. I don’t know. But I think it would have been far more believable at the end if everyone fought – at least for a minute or two – before Bella got control of her gift and saved the day. Arrrgh. I found that very unsatisfying and frustrating.

Okay, you can start reading again.

All in all, it was closure to the series, and for that I’m glad I read it. After all, if I want to intelligently discuss it with other people, I can say I really did read the books and therefore am able to form informed opinions – until some people (*ahem*my brother*ahem*) who simply like to say “they suck” and that’s that.

Mind you, I don’t think Bella is a good role model for teen girls, because love certainly isn’t like that. She’s fairly helpless for the first 3 books and keeps needing to be rescued, which was slightly frustrating, but you know what? That’s another discussion for another time. Rant over. Book finished. If you started the series, don’t be afraid to end it here. Let’s give it: 3.5/5 and be done with it.


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