15k and Counting

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I passed the 15,000 mark yesterday, and I give all the credit to one of the NaNo forums: Word Wars. Yes, that’s right – it’s a challenge within a challenge!

These word war challenges range from how many words you can write in 5 minutes to the Ultimate Word War Challenge, which has defined boundaries (10k in 5 hours). Last night, when I had no idea whether I was going to make it to my daily goal, let alone 15k, I decided to try one of the word wars and see if it really worked… or at least if it would jumpstart my heavily napping muse.

I tried the 30-minute word war, and came up with 938 words when the timer went off. I was shocked. Astounded. Thrilled. I decided to go again. Another 30 minutes gone, and I was sitting at 987… and I’d passed the 15,000 mark. I couldn’t believe it… I’d written almost 2000 words in an hour?!?! How was that even possible???

It was then that I realized the 10k in 5 hour challenge really isn’t all that unrealistic after all, and that I must – must – try it before the month is out. Heck, maybe even before the week is out. Until then, I’ve decided to set the timer for 30 minutes and start writing, because at that pace? I’ll have this thing whipped.

I hope. Then again, the November schedule gets ridiculously busy (you know, with “real life” things) starting this Monday. So… it should get interesting. o_O


Tomorrow: Write-in at the Blue Dog in Brantford. I have no idea if anyone is going to show up, since organizing people is like pulling teeth (no one fraking responds!) … but they have a 9.9 on the local restaurant review website, and they serve fair trade coffee, so if nothing else? I’ll have a nice shiny new pile of words and some delicious pastries and coffee to go with it. Mmm…

NaNo Fuel Count

Cups of Black Coffee: 11
Lattes (cafe or home-made): 2
Mugs of Hot Chocolate: 2
Cups of Tea: 5
Cans of Bawls (energy drink): 1
Baked Goods: 7
Bowls of Ice Cream: 1
Mini Chocolate Bars: 12


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this is insanity! I hope you do try the 10 k challenge though, thats sheer nutiness but you will be very happy if you do it! Im reading a lot, but not much else! the torch has definitly been passed to you~

November 24th, 2008 at 1:47 am