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I meant to start this from the very beginning, but it’s only day 4… and I think I can remember my totals for the previous 3 days of the month. I’ve also slacked on getting the word count widget up, but hopefully that will get up today. Seriously. I mean it. Mind you, I’m relying on Mr. Husbando to do it for me, as I have absolutely no concept of who, what, when, where, how (but I do know *why*) to get a widget up on a webpage. He’s the internet master, not me.

So for now, I’ll admit that I’m behind (sitting at 4155 at the moment, should have ended the day yesterday at 5001 o_O), but I will catch up today. That’s a guarantee. Screw other work – I have NaNo’ing to do!

Current NaNo Fuel Count

Cups of Black Coffee: 5
Lattes (cafe or home-made): 0
Cups of Tea: 2
Cans of Bawls (energy drink): 1
Baked Goods (cupcakes, cake, pie, pastries, etc.): 3
Bowls of Ice Cream: 0
Mini Chocolate Bars: 4

In other news, I sent off my NaNoWriMo 2008 Care Package to my exchange buddy yesterday… I sent it in an Express Post bubble mailer that claimed it would get to her in one day, so I’m hoping that’s the truth (especially for the amount they charge you). I figured it would be best to get it to her sooner than later, so here’s hoping I get what I paid for. I also hope she likes it… I probably spent too much time going around looking for things, but hey, it was fun! The only thing I was disappointed with was the lack of ghosty-type paraphernelia in the stores, and I went shopping the week before Halloween! Her story is a “bitchier, edgier Ghost Hunter” type thing (I can’t remember the quote exactly) with supernatural themes, and I wanted to find something like a cuddly ghost plushie or a creepy-looking notebook, but these items were nowhere to be found! Weird. I also wanted to send a map of the Toronto subway, since it comes into play in her tale as well, but apparently they don’t sell those in KW. Hahaha. Can’t imagine why.

Anyway, I think the care package exchange was a great idea, and thanks very much to the NaNo’er who put it all together! When the package for me arrives, I’ll post what was inside (and maybe what was in the one I sent, but I don’t want to put it up now in case my exchange buddy happens to find her way to this site before it arrives!).

Now, off to try and catch up with the word count…

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im a bit jealous. I want a care package too! maybe we could do a last-week, final countdown package to revitalize ourselves and our counts? who’s with me?

November 4th, 2008 at 4:43 pm