Of Write-Ins and Falling Asleep at the Keyboard

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Last night, I didn’t want to write. Really, really didn’t want to write. For some reason, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch re-runs of Seinfeld while eating Doritos and drinking Bawls… which, mind you, I did for about an hour before finally giving in and sitting down at the computer to type.

It was around 10pm when I started, and I knew it was probably a bad scene to start working that late without any extra caffeine in my system. I vowed to make a coffee after my first 30-minute word war, during which I typed something like 1206 words…! I was elated. I had no idea what I’d written, but it didn’t matter… I was going to make word count! In fact, I was so inspired that I decided not to make myself a coffee…

Bad idea. About halfway through my second 30-minute sprint, I fell asleep. I wasn’t a full faceplant, but one of those sleep-nods that are so dangerous when you’re driving someplace when you’re too tired to safely operate a motor vehicle – or, in my case, a keyboard. Stupidly, I continued to type… despite the fact that I sleep-nodded at least twice more before the 30 minutes was up. Miraculously, I still managed to type just over 1000 words – however, if asked right now, I honestly couldn’t tell you what the heck I typed into the story during that time. Ireland could have been invaded by a race of killer space monkeys, I really don’t know, and as I have a policy of not re-reading anything during November… I guess I won’t find out until December.

Moral of the story: Have a coffee anyway. Seriously. Just do it.

Write-In #1: Blue Dog Cafe

The first write-in went well, if you’re not counting things like actually working on our stories. Only 3 of us showed up, but that was alright – we introduced ourselves, talked about our stories, discussed the November writing life, and the other 2 went on at length about Anime North as I nodded politely… lol. I’m not into the anime scene, but I’m well-versed enough to get the general gist of things… at least I recognize names & various series!

Anyhow, I think we each only got a few hundred words written, but as it was our first time meeting each other and we were only there from about 2:30-4pm, I’d say it was a success. Plus, the coffee was great – definitely going back for that again. I figure the next time we get together, we’ll be more productive in the literary way… and maybe a few more NaNo’ers will join us.

NaNo Fuel Count

Cups of Black Coffee: 13
Lattes (cafe or home-made): 3
Mugs of Hot Chocolate: 2
Cups of Tea: 5
Cans of Bawls (energy drink): 2
Baked Goods: 7
Bowls of Ice Cream: 1
Mini Chocolate Bars: 12

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sounds like fun! can we go to the Blue Dog cafe sometime? it sounds like it supports, rather than quashes your muse!

November 24th, 2008 at 1:49 am