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Yes, we all know Starbucks gave away free coffee yesterday for Earth Day (if you brought in a travel mug), but do you also know that McDonald’s is giving away free coffees from open until 8:30am, every morning until May3rd?

Seriously. Free. You go in, order a coffee, and then walk out the door with a coffee in hand, no cost to you. And from what I’ve heard, McDonald’s coffee is better than Tim Horton’s! Though, let’s be honest: that’s not hard to do.

I mention this because every writer needs free coffee. Multiple free coffees, in fact. Now all we need is free cake, and life will be complete.


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ahah i was going to write and tell you about this, but Im glad you aready know! as if free coffee could get by you!

May 1st, 2009 at 1:32 am