What to Write?

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When it comes to this blog, more often than not I find myself struggling with what to write.

Do people want to read writing tips? News of my own work(s) in progress? Silly and random reflections on life, the universe, & everything? More book reviews?

I have no idea, so typically I’ll let the day go by without posting anything at all. Well, that’s got to stop, because traffic has dropped off significantly since the end of last year, which means… I’m probably boring you all to death. Ack! Or, I’m just not posting enough to draw anyone’s interest. That’s fair enough, and I take full responsibility for it.

So, I’m going to make a resolution to post more regularly, even if it just means popping on to say what I’ve done to justify my existence that day. I enjoy reading updates on other writers’ blogs about their progress, as I find it helps to encourage me in my own work (or at least make me feel like I’m not alone with my struggles!), so hopefully I can give back that way.

I guess this all ties back into the question that’s been floating around for the past few weeks now: “Why do you blog?”

Well, I’m not entirely sure. I guess it’s a place to put my word vomit now and again, as gross as that sounds.

That said, here are a couple of topics I hope to comment on/post about in the near future:

  • Critique groups (I’m a new member of one, and it’s been an interesting start… good, mind you, but interesting!)
  • Querying (Something the crit group has been focusing on, and which I’ve noticed a lot of people are struggling with this month)
  • Self-Editing/Revision (I’m taking a revision course with Holly Lisle and I’m also in the midst of a self-editing workshop with Angela James, so I’d like to share some insights that I’ve learned)
  • Dealing with stress as a writer (A constant battle!)
  • Finding short story markets & submitting on deadline
  • Reading like a writer

Are there any topics you’d be interested in hearing about in the coming year? I think with this little brainstorm, I’ve come up with enough to keep me going for awhile, but if anyone comes here and has an idea or a question, I’d be happy to hear it and address it!

(…and yes, I’m still hoping for that blog layout reboot sometime in the near future. The Husband has been incredibly busy lately, so it just hasn’t happened yet… but I haven’t forgotten about it!)

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