Monday Encouragement

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If you haven’t visited agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog lately, you’re missing out! She writes quality posts with helpful information, both for unagented and agented writers.

Her most recent post is something that I bet we all need to hear once in awhile, and especially on a gloomy Monday morning: Success stories of writers whose perseverance finally paid off.

The post, “Perseverance Really is Key”, is found HERE.

Head over, read it, and have a Monday Smile (which for me are far and few between!).

So… keep writing.

We can do this!

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I must go read it now. I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the nudge. I just noticed your friend connect button. I’m joining now. For some reason, your blog never comes up with a new post on my reader. Maybe this will help.

March 23rd, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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