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My deepest, humblest apologies to those of you who have stopped by my blog, taken precious time out of your day to read & comment on posts, and then found that your comment never showed up, even several days later.

It turns out that ALL comments since November have been rerouted into the spam folder, for no logical reason that I can currently comprehend. I’m doing my best to figure out and fix the problem, but until then, I promise to spend at least 15 minutes per day sorting through the spam comments and finding YOURS, and approving them to post. I found a number of them today, and have replied to as many as I could.

Again, I apologize. I had no idea this was happening, and I didn’t catch it until today. I really am very grateful for all your visits and comments, and I hope that this won’t deter you from coming back in the future. I’ll do everything I possibly can to approve all comments at the end of each day (at least)… and hopefully get the filter fixed in the meantime!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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