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Merry New Christmas Year! Er, Wait…

   Posted by: Faith    in Rye Thoughts

Okay, so… I’m back. Indeed, I took an extended holiday from this blog over the course of… the entirety of December… but November was silly with writing, December was crazy with holidays/performances/family obligations, and now the new year has started. And, Lord willing, I will post regularly again.

The Year Ahead – A Quick Overview

My goal for January is to complete or almost complete the first draft of the novel I began in November, with the secondary goal of completing my 2007 novel in February. During this time, I’d also like to outline a third, or at least begin some work on several short stories I have in mind.

While this is happening, I have several additional projects that are actually supposed to bring in *some* cash, somewhere along the way. Ah yes, paying bills – apparently that’s important. This consists of the Conure website, SEO contracts for Dave’s clients, and potentially returning to the Ancient Standard and revitalizing that somehow. There are also several gaming websites on the docket, but how those turn out aren’t really my priority – I’m just ‘ on the list’ to write for them once they get up and running. I also have one ongoing (read: hanging over my head) project sitting around from a relative, which will take a chunk of my time this month.

I will be taking one seminary course this semester, focusing on the Pentateuch. I already have my paper topic chosen, and barring any unforseen difficulties with this, I’m hoping the course doesn’t take too much of my time. Yes, laugh all you want.

Finally, the scriptwriting course. The course I signed up for in October, but haven’t actually worked on. It ends in April. Needless to say, I’m rather behind… I’m hoping to find time to work on it, so that it isn’t just a case where I’ve thrown money away for nothing, but it is time-consuming. I may have to actually block out a hour or two during the week to just “git ‘er done”.

Those are my work goals. Now, everything else…

1) I’ve joined the ’75 Books in 2009′ challenge over on I made 79 books this past year (and I plan to post the list on here in the near future), so my true goal for 2009 – since I know I can make 75 – is one hundred. But, since things are looking busy, I’m not going to make it the official number, just in case. A cop-out, sure, but this is my challenge, right?

2) I’m still dancing, with 3 classes a week lined up in January plus workshops. In February, that will ease back down to 2 classes a week – thank goodness – but I want to push myself even harder this year. I also want to learn how to make my own costumes, so we’ll have to see how that goes. Should be interesting.

3) Languages… ah yes, languages. I want to learn Irish Gaelic. I want to review Ancient Greek. I’d love to give another go at Arabic… I realize this is insane, but when has that ever stopped me from dreaming?

That’s about all that comes to mind at the current time (about 9am on a Monday morning), so I suppose that means I should bug off and actually get to work… *sigh*. Welcome to 2009.

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