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It’s baaaack!

   Posted by: Faith    in Rye Thoughts

Welcome to the blog relaunch!

Unfortunately, the situation that required a relaunch also caused all the previous posts to be lost, so for anyone who’s here for the first time… welcome, thanks for visiting, and no, this isn’t a brand-new blog. Except that it is. Kind of.

You get the point.

Anyway, I’m hoping to chronicle the potentially-but-probably-not-so-much-exciting adventures of a writer/reader/bellydancer/gamer (how’s that for topic focus?) on this blog (that’s me, for those of you who haven’t had enough coffee yet). Hopefully some of what I say will be helpful, or at least mildly intriguing. If not, well… thanks for stopping by anyway!

Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, tell a joke…