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It’s 2015 and Everything is a Lie

   Posted by: Faith    in Everything Else

…by which I am referring to all the outdated information on this blog/site that I’ve just had to go through and delete without mercy. I may have missed some things, so if you read that I’m having a joyous time writing SEO content for websites all the livelong day, don’t believe it.

In fact, you should NEVER believe that writing SEO content for website is joyous, because that is ALWAYS a lie. But on the upside, I’m doing a lot less of it and a lot more actual, you know, novel-writing.

One of these days I’ll update here with a proper post but for now:

a) Yes, I am still writing.
b) Yes, I have been published. A real book and everything! But not under this name.
c) Nothing has turned out the way I expected.
d) There’s nothing wrong with that because we all have to forge our own path in this crazy industry.

That’s all for now. I have revisions to finish!

If you’re still blogging and/or writing and your peepers happen to pause upon this post, tell me what you’ve been up to these past few years, eh?

Here is a picture of flamingos being flamingos. Because, why not?